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Article: How to protect your car paint from UV rays?

How to protect your car paint from UV rays?

How to protect your car paint from UV rays?

Sunny days are a good experience for everyone including our vehicles. Only, that too much sun time can be harmful to both. Sunlight contains radiation in the form of mild UV rays. Just like too much tanning can result in blisters and sun burns for us, similarly car paint gets deteriorated under prolonged exposure to UV rays in sunlight. These UV rays lead to two types of damage to car paint, Photo-degradation and Oxidation.

Photo-degradation Car Paint Affect

Photo-degradation affects the car paint by breaking down the chemical bonds of the paint, resulting in color fading similar to bleaching.

Oxidation Effect

Oxidation happens due to loss of electrons from the chemical components of the paint, and makes the paint blotchy with patches of discoloration appearing randomly on the car exterior.

Though the exact understanding of the effect of UV rays on car paint is quite complex, taking care of the car paint is no rocket science. Just with a handful of products and maintenance tips, you can keep your car shining like new.

So whether you are living in the harsh summers of Rajasthan or braving the cold in Himalayas, car paint protection becomes hassles free with these handy tips. Also, the paint of your vehicle is a huge factor in deciding the resale value. So, don’t ignore the harmful effect of UV rays on your car and get started with these easy to follow steps.

Car Parking in Shade

Always Park in the Shade

One of the simplest ways to avoid UV rays damage is by parking in shade. So, next time when you are out for a weekend getaway or are driving around the city on a regular work day, always park your vehicle in the shade. If you park under a tree to find some shade, do read the next point.

Car Wash

Wash Your Car Every Week or Fortnight, Correctly 

When you park the car under a tree, bird droppings are a nightmare for the car paint. Even without the prolonged exposure to sunlight, accumulation of bird droppings, dirt and grime damages protective coatings and results in discoloration. So, it is highly recommended to wash your car regularly with a mild car shampoo to remove these harmful substances from the exterior and to extend the car shine. 

The next important part is to wash the car correctly. Yeah, you don’t have to be surprised to know there is a correct method of washing your car. Basically what we are saying is, washing your car with home or kitchen grade soap or detergent, or wiping it clean with your old t-shirt will do more harm to both paint and car paint protection coating.

The correct way to wash your car is:

  • Follow two buckets rule to wash and rinse the debris off the cleaning cloth. Always keep one bucket to apply soap water and the second bucket with clean water to clean the sponge or cleaning cloth. This is very important, because even the smallest of debris present on the cleaning cloth can damage the paint and coating. 
  • Apply the soapy water with a good quality sponge with maximum absorbing capacity. For example, Vista Sponge Duo comes with high density foam that can hold a large volume of shampoo and cleaning solution to remove tough stains and dust accumulation from all the auto parts like windshield, doors, window panes, steering etc.
  • Wipe the painted surface sideways and not in circles. Because the circular motion can lead to markings that can amplify into scratches and ultimately damage paint. 
  • Remember to always wash from top to down to minimize cross contamination and scratching. 
  • Don’t use just any available cloth to dry, instead go for a microfiber cloth to wipe the car. Car Wax

Protect Car Paint with Wax and Sealants 

Apart from regular washing, the next important protection factor is applying a suitable protective wax coating. A car polish liquid with a powerful formulation that makes the painted surfaces hydrophobic, dust and UV resistant, this wax coating lends a sacrificial layer on the surface to withstand abrasion, detergents and harsh weather conditions. This superficial layer makes a protective coating that reflects the harmful UV rays and keeps the car paint glossier.

With the regular application of a protective wax coating, you can easily extend the new like shine of the car paint. Use a reliable wax like Vista Hi-Shine Wax, which is a specially formulated semi-paste wax that helps to impart an excellent shine on metal surfaces. If used regularly, it protects painted metal surfaces from UV Rays. It has excellent water beading properties and makes it easy to wipe off the dust from the surface.

Moreover, waxing it provides a durable coating for car paint protection that blocks UV rays penetration on the surface. This layer is transparent and amplifies the natural shade of the paint.

Car Glaze

Use a Suitable Car Glaze to Smooth Out the Surface 

Even when you are washing the car correctly and applying protective wax and sealant coatings, the car paint is not fully protected. It happens because even the slightest of grime and dirt accumulation can trigger paint deterioration. So, it is highly recommended to use a good quality car glaze to evenly fill the tiny imperfections on the surface and limit the spread of these swirls and scratches.

The glazing can be done both manually and with a machine. Use a car scratch remover that is effective on both metallic and solid paints. Most car glazes are compatible with both machine and manual application. Apart from filling up imperfections, it protects car paint from UV rays. Glazing gives maximum coverage with minimum quantity and leaves no residues behind. This coating also minimizes the oxidation effect of UV rays on the car paint. 

Car Polish

Polish It like a Pro

Another important factor to shield the car paint from UV rays is by regularly polishing the painted and metal parts. Give the metal parts of your car the best shine with Vista Metal Polish. This specifically formulated cleaner is also recommended for cleaning Aluminium, Copper and Chrome surfaces. Super easy to apply, it adds a shine to all the metal parts in minutes. When you polish your car regularly, it provides durable shine that needs minimal effort.

Summing it up

Let’s wrap up the process of protecting your car paint from UV rays discoloration:

  • It is super important to wash your car regularly and in a correct manner with the right cleaning liquid, sponge and wiping cloth. 
  • Don’t ignore the bird droppings, when you park your vehicle in shade and clean with a good stain remover.
  • Always apply wax coating for car paint protection to make the paint withstand extreme temperatures and blocking the penetration of UV rays.
  • Use a suitable car glaze to even out the surface imperfections to avoid tiny discoloration patches developing into large areas.
  • Polish the car exteriors with a suitable car polish to keep it shining like new. 
  • If possible keep your car covered with a quality car cover, because it is highly likely that you won’t be able to always find shady areas to park your vehicle.

 Just like we need sunscreen to prevent sun burns, these handy tips can help you protect your car paint from UV rays. And remember, if these steps are followed, you will never encounter the scenarios of irreversible damage to the car paint. Happy driving!

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