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Article: Stay ahead of the storm: Keep your car rain ready with Vista monsoon auto care tips.

Stay ahead of the storm: Keep your car rain ready with Vista monsoon auto care tips.

Stay ahead of the storm: Keep your car rain ready with Vista monsoon auto care tips.

Monsoon has arrived! We all love the monsoon with our chai, but does your car and bike love the monsoon as well? Yes, they do if only we take care of them. The grass gets greener and the weather gets cooler. But the roads also get wet and slippery, making them incredibly difficult to drive on.  The vehicle gets parked at numerous places but it is during monsoon that the vehicle finds it difficult to bear the brunt of excessive rains that may damage the exterior and interior of your car and bike.
 Whether you drive every single day or only take your vehicle out on the weekends, you need to know all the rainy season safety tips to keep your car and bike running smoothly all through the monsoon. 
While one generally keeps an eye on the spare tire, disc replacement, tire tread, and etc. we’re also giving you some small yet very important monsoon car and bike care tips as well as hacks that help you go a long way, safely. We also have monsoon bike and car care bundle curated for this monsoon season.
Let’s now dive into the monsoon care tips for your car.
Quite evidently, the exterior of a car takes on the monsoon weather the most with dirt, debris, and rainfall continuously falling upon it. So, you should always take care of the exterior of the car before anything else.

Keeping your car clean

It is probably the simplest advice but it is truly effective. Cleaning your car after driving in the rain helps you get rid of the leaves, twigs, dirt, and other contaminants that could damage your car quickly. You should wipe down your car as soon as you have the time or a quick wash will keep away any dirt or debris. If you have your car parked out in the open, you should clean and wipe your car down every morning to avoid a build-up of leaves and twigs that could damage the paint job on your vehicle.
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Avoid paint job costs and make your car shine like new

One of the best ways to keep your car looking as good as new, even after a torrential downpour, is to use a car wax. This will keep moisture and rain away from your original paint job. car polish forms a protective layer between the rain and the paint on your car.
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Defogging works big time

If your car does not come with an automatic defogger, you should turn on the blower and have it set to maximum with the setting on Fresh Air mode. By turning the vents directly to the windshield, it will quickly defog the glass and allow you to see the road clearly. 
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Protecting the underbody 

The underbody of a car is made from metal and is exposed to dirt, water, and other elements continuously which is why it should be protected even more. A combination of used engine oil and diesel is perfect for keeping the underbody of the car rust-free. This mixture also forms a protective layer on the metal and keeps dirt away from any moving parts.

There is no reason for you not to use a microfiber cloth

The monsoon season can also affect the interior of your vehicle leading to dampness and mold growth. To prevent this, keep the car’s interior clean and dry. Use a humidifier to absorb any moisture that may accumulate. you can also consider using a microfiber cloth to remove the dampness.
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Follow the aforementioned and recommended guidelines to make your driving smooth and safe during the rainy season.
We have a curated a Vista monsoon car care bundle just for you. Click to grab yours. 
Monsoon brings excitement for bikers as it is a great season for riding. However, your bike requires some extra care during this time of the year. During this season, roads are slippery and one needs to pay extra attention towards smooth functioning of their motorcycle. Apart from having knowledge about correct riding techniques, you should know what to check for before starting a ride. So, here we are with some tips that will help you.

Clean more frequently

Some parts such as the chain drive can be affected by the deposits of mud and water. Some of the bikes come with a full chain covering while the rest have an open chain cover that leaves the chain exposed to mud and water. Now there are two things that can cause trouble, one is water that washes away the lubricant from the chain and second is deposition of dirt (mud) that increases the rate of wear. So, cleaning and lubing of the drive chain becomes essential after every 500km.
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Brakes Check

The brakes are the most critical safety component of your bike that needs to be in good condition. Check the brake pads and rotors and replace them if necessary. Make sure the brake fluid is at the recommended level to avoid any braking issues.

Check the electrical system

the monsoon season can put a strain on your bike’s electrical system, so its crucial to have it checked before the rain arrives. Check the battery and replace it if it’s old or weak.

Protection against elements

Sponge polish can be a quick and effective way to add shine and protect the paint of your two-wheeler from elements such as rain, dirt. As a result, cleaning your bike becomes faster and easier and you will spend less time and effort scrubbing off dirt and grime.
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Regular maintenance and checks can help prevent breakdowns and keep your bike in top condition.
Check out our Vista monsoon bike care bundle curated just for our bikers.
Now that you know all the necessary tips for preparing your car and bike for this monsoon season, don’t forget to check out our other blogs for all the monsoon car service tips and techniques to keep your vehicle in top shape in any season. Happy motoring.

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