MRP ₹ 420.00

Suitable for all types of diesel engines, common rail and direct injection. Recommended for engines with turbo, catalytic converters and particle filters.

  • Removes residues in the entire diesel system from the tank to the combustion chamber
  • Removes resin and bonding formation from injection nozzles and injection pumps
  • Removes carbon and soot residues from the entire upper part of the cylinders
  • Lubricates and protects the diesel injection system
  • Improves fuel nebulization resulting in :
    • Clean and powerful combustion
    • Rapid reduction of smoke and soot
    • Perfect cold start
    • Improved engine performance
    • Considerable fuel saving
    • Longer life of injection parts

All orders will be shipped within 24 hours. Depending on the product purchased & on your delivery PIN Code, you can expect your package to reach you between 2-7 business days. For any queries, please call +91 7619160992.

At Vista, we conceptualise and manufacture all our auto care products from scratch. Being auto enthusiasts ourselves, we create all our products with the utmost care and precision so that you can apply them safely and carefree to all your vehicles.

Manufaturing Details: 

  • Name: Resil Chemicals Pvt Ltd
  • Address: Unit No 30, BCIE, Old Madras Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016
  • Country of Origin: India

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