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Article: Essential summer car care tips to prolong the health of your vehicle

Essential summer car care tips to prolong the health of your vehicle

Essential summer car care tips to prolong the health of your vehicle

No one can doubt the fact that India is currently facing the heat, literally like never before. Experts have confirmed that this year’s heatwave is here in its severest form, with average temperatures being highest of last 120 years. And as you know extreme weather is often known for causing harm to automobiles, we have compiled a set of basic tips for car maintenance at home. As always, prevention is better than cure and these simple yet effective pointers will help you in going the distance regardless of the weather.

So let’s take a detailed look at all summer car maintenance tips that are way too useful for any vehicle owner to ignore.

AC Vent Clean

Air conditioner check-up

Since driving in summers is incomplete without your car AC, so it is essential for the AC to be in top shape for a pleasant driving experience. Check whether the AC is able to cool down in normal 2-3 minutes. Next, check the AC filters. Usually the filter is placed in the glove compartment, give it a good look and if you spot dirt accumulation, get it cleaned. Alternatively, you can also use a AC vent cleaner to remove dirt from your vehicle’s AC vents.

Another important tip for using the car AC when the vehicle has been parked for long in the sun is to roll down the window a little for 2-3 minutes and the turn on AC for effective cooling. The small gap in the window will help in faster circulation of hot air towards outside.

Break Pad lining

Brake-pad lining

Car brakes are one of the most frequently used parts and the brake-pads are prone to getting over heated in summers. Check for the brake-pad lining and its thickness. Usually the brake-ad lining thickness is 15-20 mm in a brand new brake-pad. If you notice the thickness to be 1/3rd of the original, then consider getting your lining changed for optimal usage and prevention of accidents. This lining is the first defense wall against over heating in summers and a thinner lining can cause unpleasant experiences.

Window Shades

Window sun shades

No matter the level of AC cooling, having window sun shades helps in making the car interiors cooler. So, if you’re going to use your car for a long time, it is prudent to get some window shades. Important factor to consider here is to avoid using magnetic window shades. Because the magnetic window shades can result in rusting of the window frame. In which case the problem can be solved by using a rust cleaner, but then again, as we always say, it is smarter to take precautions with non magnetic window shades.

Car Wash

Washing the car frequently

Although nowadays the car paint quality has improved drastically, but still extreme temperatures can cause damage to car paint and make the look of the vehicle duller. So to maintain the shine of your car, it is important to use a suitable car wash shampoo. These modern shampoos have special formulation which provide the car a temporary wax coating and prevents deterioration of car paint.

Hot temperature is also harmful to car interior parts like the dashboard, making it look a little whiter and duller. We recommend using auto care products like a dashboard cleaner at least once a month to avoid the whitening and dulling of your car dashboard.

Windshield Care

Wiper blades

Searing heat of summers is perhaps the worst enemy of car wiper blades. The blades are prone to cracking due to high temperatures. And if the wiper blades have cracks, that can damage the windshield with scratches which will affect the visibility and is never a good thing for a safe driving experience. So, we recommend checking the wiper blades and getting those replaced if there’s visible damage or cracks in the blades. Again, even if the blades are in optimal condition, it is always good to have a windshield cleaner in your kit of car cleaning products.

Refill Coolant

Coolant level check

Pop open the hood of your car and check the coolant levels. Always ensure that the vehicle coolant levels are at the full level to avoid unwarranted engine heat which can damage engine parts in case of less than ideal level of coolant. It is one of the best auto care products to keep with you if you’re planning a long road-trip.

Tyre Pressure

Taking a stock of tyres

Take a good look at your car tyres to spot any bulge, crack or bubbles. Next, check the car tread level by either placing a coin in treading or find the tread level indicator on your car tyre. Among our essential car care tips, we recommend checking whether the tyre treading is optimum, especially if you plan to go on a long trip.

Also maintain the tyre pressure at recommended levels, which are specified by each brand. Many people also prefer to fill up the tyres with Nitrogen in place of regular air. One of the main advantage of filling Nitrogen instead of regular air is that Nitrogen keeps tyre pressure at desired levels for almost a month, whereas for regular air, one has to get it refilled every 8-10 days.

Summing it up

Just by following the above listed tips you can easily avoid the car troubles that arise out of summers. Do also keep in mind some general tips like always parking the vehicle in shade to avoid paint job deterioration and build your home kit of auto maintenance products with the complete range of Vista Auto. Happy driving.

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