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Our bikes hold a special place in our hearts, and we love them to the core. From the day we get it, we take out time from our schedules to take care of our prized possession so that it lasts for the longest time and doesn’t endure much wear and tear. For some, it is also an emotional relationship with our first bikes or a particular model, so hence we do treat it like royalty. 

But taking it to the workshops every now and then can really be expensive. How about trying to maintain your bikes with easy to follow hacks and that too right from your homes? This blog can help you prepare your own bike maintenance kit that comes in handy.

We have compiled four easy hacks to follow that will increase the longevity of your bike.

Bike careCleaning and Waxing Your Bike Regularly

The first and the most essential step to take care of your bike is washing and cleaning it now and then. It is not just washing the bike with water but using proper bike care products that include shampoo, microfibre cloth etc. When you take out your two-wheeler on the road, it accumulates a lot of stains and dirt, which cannot be cleaned by just using water. 

You can start by using a microfiber cloth and a bike shampoo to get rid of tough stains and dirt and then wash it with just water.

If you want to try pressure washing, do it only on the mudguard, as cleaning the entire bike like that can damage the radiator fins.

Waxing your bike should be the next step to follow after the cleaning. It helps keep the bike dirt and dust-free as it acts as a protective layer of wax. Waxing is also one of the most cost-effective methods to keep your motorbike maintaining its shine.

You can get an applicator sponge and use it to apply the wax all over your bike. Once you have covered the areas, you can use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any residue left on the bike. We recommend not using the regular wax on chrome as they require a different wax. You can also use a good quality dashboard polish for bike that contains wax and premium silicons, and it gives a new-like shine to the bike.

Bike waxChanging the Engine Oil Regularly

One of the most ignored aspects of bike maintenance at home is engine oil. A lot of people always focus on cleaning the exterior of the bike and forget about checking or changing the bike engine oil. It is easy and hardly takes a few minutes. Here is how you can check your engine oil-

  • Unplug the dipstick
  • Take out some oil and check if it feels sticky and is brown in colour 

If the oil you just checked is black, thin and smells burnt, you know it is time to change the oil. But, first, start your bike and keep the engine running so that the oil becomes thin and is easier to drain. 

After heating it enough, drain out the oil from the drain bolt. Once completely empty, install a new filter and put back all the parts that you removed to drain out the oil. After this, use a funnel to refill new oil. Make sure you add the proper amount and check the type of motorbike oil as specified in the bike manual. 

chain cleanCleaning and Lubricating the Chain

The bike chain is one of the most critical parts of a bike that ensures the proper functioning and movement of the bike. It delivers power to rear wheels, and thus it needs to be clean properly and has to be in great shape. Next, you need to focus on the bike lubricant maintenance and ensure the chain is well lubricated. Invest in a good chain cleaner and brush that will also help you in the longer run. It would help if you started with scrubbing to ensure that all the links are clean and there is no built up junk left. For this, you need to elevate the rear wheel and put the bike’s transmission to neutral. This will allow easy movement of the chain. Once you are done with scrubbing, you need to rotate the back wheel, use a good quality lubricant, and apply it all over the chain.

bike coolantChange the Coolant on Time

Coolants in your bike help prevent the engine from overheating and freezing. It is thus essential that you regularly check the bike coolant. Start by removing the necessary bodywork that leads you to access the coolant drain bolt. Then, you need to place a drain pan right under the engine and remove the bolt. Next, remove the radiator cap and make sure that the entire coolant is drained out. After this, you can reinstall the drain bolt and use a funnel to refill the system with a new coolant. Once you are done with this, you must start the engine, warm up for some time, and then cut the ignition. Make sure you follow the bike’s manual to understand the requirement of the coolant before you make the changes. 


We hope this blog helps you understand what goes into the basic maintenance of your two-wheeler. Following these basic steps can ensure longer life of your two-wheeler. Just like any other machinery, bikes also need proper servicing and care from time to time, and you can use that without burning a hole in your pockets. 

Maintaining your bike to its best form will also ensure the maximum price if you want to resell it in the future. In addition, the buyers will notice how well the bike functions and how well-maintained its engine is. 

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